How About the Weather

How About This Weather?

It seems like in New England, the weather is one of our favorite topics of conversation, probably because it is never boring.

For example, this past week. Is it just me, or have we crammed all the sunshine and heat we never got this summer, all into just this one week in September?

It’s hard to avoid feeling cheated in a way. Some of us look forward to summer days all winter long. It can feel like a slap in the face when we’ve just endured a summer of cold and rain, only to at last get to enjoy summer weather when the kids have started back to school again.

But I remind myself that there is something to enjoy or treasure in every kind of weather, no matter how unseasonable it may seem. 

So I’m making an intentional effort not to complain about these hot days; because (let’s face it) it won’t be long before we’re all complaining about the cold and the snow.

There’s an old saying that “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” How true that is! And not only of the weather throughout the year, but the changing weather of our lives as well.

How often have we allowed ourselves to give in to bitterness or unhappiness because of a particular situation or season in life. First we’re in a hurry to grow up. Then we’re in a hurry for our children to grow up, so we can have more free time. Then once our children have grown up, we feel nostalgic for the days when they were little. Then there are seasons of illness, or financial uncertainty, or other problems in which we ignore the blessings that this particular moment brings, because we just want it to be over. 

How about pausing for a moment and enjoying the weather just as it is right now.

As Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for everything under the heavens.”

Maybe this is a season to absorb caring for a friend and loved one who needs your help. Maybe it’s a season to learn your own weakness and vulnerability as you care for yourself. Maybe it’s a season to embrace new challenges and adventures. Or maybe it’s just a season to soak up the warm rays of sun and enjoy them for what they are.

Whatever season you’re in right now, take it as a gift. 

What season are you in right now? How can we pray for you? Please feel free to share.

May the love of Christ be with you always.

Pastor Amy